Why People Give Their Pets CBD Oil

People treat their animals like family members. For this reason, it is understandable that they take care of their dogs and cats as if they are people, too. When a pet gets sick, just as when a person gets sick, they worry about what types of prescription pills the pet may be prescribed.

Many new medications are on the market including those for animals. For example, new flea medications in the form of pills are being introduced. Certainly, these have been studied before going on the market but the long-term side effects are not yet known. This is one major reason pet owners are now turning to CBD oil to treat many different ailments that their pets experience.

What is CBD oil?

It is an oil derived from the hemp or marijuana plant. The marijuana plant is also referred to as cannabis. Cannabidiol or CBD does not contain the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis which is THC. The THC is what gives a person who smokes or ingests marijuana a high. The CBD oil only has the beneficial effects of the plant which include antioxidant powers, relaxation and sedative powers and the ability to control or relieve pain, among other things.

Veterinarians may be wary about treating pets with CBD oil, but owners who live in areas where it is legal are not at all slow to try it for pets that need it for anxiety or arthritis. It is also excellent at improving a pet’s appetite. This is particularly important if an animal is going through cancer treatments. It controls nausea and stimulates appetite so that the animal can get the nutrition it needs.

If you are curious about giving your pet CBD oil, try it after consulting with your vet. It may help them just as it has helped many people. Another great resource for this information is found here: https://cannabissupplementsforpets.com